Help!! ….. I think I have termites!

What to do if you think you have termites

  1. Don’t disturb the area where you believe they may be
  2. Don’t spray them with anything
  3. Take a picture (if possible) of what you have seen
  4. Call your local Expert straight away

Questions we will ask you…

  1. What have you seen – live termites or termite damage?
  2. What area of the home or property is affected?
  3. Have you taken a photo? If so can you send it to us?
  4. When are you available for our Inspector to call in and have a look for you?

Next steps…

  1. Our Inspector will come to your home and investigate the area in question for you.
  2. Depending on what is found, they may suggest completing a full Termite Inspection on your home and property to find out exactly what is going on.
  3. Depending on the findings of the Termite Inspection, if there are live termites it may be necessary to start treating the termites as soon as possible so they don’t cause any further damage.
  4. Our Inspector will assess the construction of your home and the type of termites present and advise of the best possible treatment options available to eradicate the from the home and property.
  5. We will provide a proposal and quotation including information on the available options and once this is decided, we can then proceed with commencement of treatment

 Telltale Signs of Termites

  • Mud tubes on any internal or external areas of your home.
  • Lumpy looking paintwork on skirting boards, window frames or architraves.
  • Small holes appearing in gyprock walls.
  • Any timber in your home that feels soft or spongy.
  • Quiet knocking or tapping noises in your walls.


 We have the best equipment to find them…

And use the best products available to eradicate them and stop them coming back…

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