Bird Removal & Proofing

Bird removal and proofing is a specialized service using appropriate physical materials such as wire mesh, spiking or netting and installing these to areas of a building where birds are entering, nesting or causing health and hygiene issues. Birds carry lice and mites and their feces spread diseases and cause major health issues. This type of work requires specialized training, licenses and equipment and often involves removing live birds, eggs and nesting materials and treating the affected areas for bird lice and mites.

Pests Treated

All problem birds such as Indian Minors, starlings and pigeons.

Areas Treated

Affected areas of roofs, eaves, window sills, air conditioning units or any other areas where access is physically possible.

Time Required & Access

Once we have visited the site and assessed the situation, our technician will advise on the approximate time required to complete the work. Having clear access to the area is paramount as often ladders or other height gaining equipment is required to safely access the area.


Any stored items, parked vehicles or any other objects that may restrict access to the work area should be removed.

Pests not Included

This service only involves birds, no other pests are included in this service.


12 months on proofing materials installed in the affected areas.

Wet Weather

If it is raining or looks like it will rain at the time of your installation, we will need to reschedule the appointment. Work Place Health and Safety requires a risk assessment to be completed before the commencement of the job as we are often working at heights. Wet weather prevents us from completing this work as it is just too dangerous to proceed.


Payment is required on the day of service