Flea Treatment

Our Flea Treatment is a comprehensive spray treatment to all accessible internal flooring areas of the home and external ground areas of the property adjacent to the building. We also treat any areas such as subfloors, where possible, and garages if that is where affected animals sleep. The products we use include a Residual Insect Growth Regulator to control any new fleas that hatch from any eggs laid in the home. It is important to have this product included in the treatment as the products currently available to treat fleas cannot penetrate the egg casing. This breaks the breeding cycle of the fleas and the problem is solved.

Pests Treated


Areas Treated

All internal flooring and external ground areas around the home, including accessible sublfoor areas and garages where pets may have visited.

Time Required & Access

The Flea Treatment usually takes between 1-2 hours depending on the size of the home and property.

We will require access to all internal and external areas including the, subfloor, garage and garden area.

Preparation for the treatment

To ensure the treatment is effective, it is important that you prepare for the treatment. We provide a pre-treatment information sheet for you to follow before our technician arrives to ensure we can completed our treatment effectively. This sheet is available in the Information section of our website or you can click here.

Pests not Included

All other pests are not included in this treatment.


Unfortunately no warranty can be offered for this treatment. If there is a heavy infestation a second treatment may be required within two weeks. This is at an additional cost.

Wet Weather

Light rain at the time of treatment does not affect the Flea Treatment. As water is a carrier for the products we use, a little extra water enables the pesticide to be carried deeper into the soil. If the weather is hot and dry at the time of the treatment, we usually soak the ground with water before commencing our treatment to ensure it is effective.


Payment is required on the day of service.