German Cockroach Service

German Cockroaches can innocently be bought into a property and if left untreated, they can multiply rapidly and quickly become a health issue. Our German Cockroach Treatment is specifically designed to flush out and eradicate all living German Cockroaches. Unfortunately as no pesticides can penetrate the egg case, and there may be many eggs laid in concealed areas, a follow up treatment can often be required as thirty to forty baby cockroaches are contained in one egg case.

Pests Treated

German Cockroaches

Areas Treated

Once our technician has inspected the property and confirmed where the infestation is, that area will specifically be treated. Often this treatment is carried out in conjunction with a General Pest Treatment to ensure a residual barrier is protecting all other areas of the house.

Pests not Included 

This treatment is for German Cockroaches only and does not include any other pest.


Unfortunately no warranty can be offered for this treatment as it is difficult to assess how many eggs have been laid in concealed areas. If there is a heavy infestation a follow up treatment is often recommended within two weeks. This is offered at a reduce rate if carried out within two weeks.

Wet Weather

Wet weather has no effect on this treatment as this service is carried out inside of the home or business.


Payment is required on the day of service.

German Cockroach Egg Sac with babies