DDPC Nesting Ant Treatment Sydney

About Our Service

Our Ant Treatment, starts with a comprehensive inspection of your property. This enables our technician to identify any ant nesting areas, entry points into the home and the ant species present. Treatment involves using a number of products that are targeted at eradicating the particular species present. Different species have particular diets, some prefer sugar and others prefer protein or oils. Our treatments are safe and environmentally friendly so there is no need to leave your home while we are treating for ants.

Pests Treated

  • All species of ants

Areas of Treatment

The full external perimeter of your home and affected areas.

Time Required & Access

Depending on the size of your home and property and the extent of the infestation present, the Ant Treatment usually takes between 1-2 hours to treat.We will require access to all internal and external areas of your home including the subfloor, roof void, garage and garden areas.

Preparation for the service

It is best if any stored items are moved away from the affected areas of the home, internally and externally.

Pests not Included in this treatment

This treatment is specifically for ants, no other pests are included in this treatment.


3 months

Wet Weather

If it is raining, looks like it will rain at the time of your treatment or very soon after, we will need to reschedule the appointment.  It is important that the products we apply dry after treatment to ensure the treatment remains effective for the warranty period.


Is required on the day of service.