Possum Removal

Possums are cute but not when they are living in your roof, making a mess and keeping you up at night. Our service involves inspection of the area involved, proofing where possible, setting and monitoring of a possum cage, removal of the possum from the area and release into the wild. Possums are a protected species and it is necessary to have a license to capture them.

Possum Species

  • Brush Tail Possums
  • Ring Tail Possums

Areas of Treatment

Roof voids of buildings

Time Required & Access

The initial visit will involve a thorough inspection of the areas involved and location of any possible entry points that will need proofing.  We will require clear access to the roof void area. Any possible entry points will be proofed where possible and a possum cage will be set with an apple inside the cage. This could take 1-1.5 hours depending on what is involved. Large areas to be proofed where possible, will incur an additional charge and take extra time. Some proofing jobs require a roofer to be engaged separately by the homeowner.

Preparation for the service

We would appreciate if you can move any items at the home that may interfere with our access to the roof void area. Once the entry points have been proofed, we will place a possum cage in the roof void area. This cage will need to be checked daily by either the homeowner if possible or our technician. We will require access to the internal area of your home to complete these inspections so you or your representative will need to be home.

Pests not Included in this treatment

Rodents, bees, termites and birds can also cause noises in the roof void area. Once our inspection is complete we will advise of what treatment is necessary depending on our findings and will address the situation accordingly to solve the problem for you.


12 months warranty is provided on all proofing work to the areas proofed at the time of service. Additional proofing to new areas of entry are not covered under our warranty. Additional possums caught will incur an extra charge per possum.

Wet Weather

If the weather is wet, we will do what we can internally. If it is raining and the work involves going on to the external roof we may deem the work to be too dangerous to complete at this time. In the event of this we will need to reschedule the appointment to another more suitable day.


Payment is required once the work is complete and the possum/s have been removed. We accept cash, eftpos, visa and mastercard