Rodent Treatment

Rats and mice are not only unhygienic and carry disease but can also cause great damage to a property. Our rodent service includes a complete inspection of the property to locate any evidence of rodent activity. Once our technician has assessed the level of rodent pressure at the property and what areas can possibly be proofed, they will make a recommendation on what is required to eradicate the problem.

Pests Treated

Rats and mice

Areas Treated

Usually the area where rodent activity is present. Rodent bait is safely installed in the roof void or subfloor areas or internally in tamper proof rodent stations. Where possible rodent proofing material is installed in possible entry points.

Time Required & Access

Usually 1 hour is sufficient for inspection and installation

Preparation for the treatment

No preparation required

Pests not Included in this treatment

All other pests are not included, other than rats and mice


No warranty is offered however if extra bait is required to solve the problem within two weeks, we only charge for the extra bait required

Wet Weather

No effect on this service


Is required on the day of service