Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspections

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Our Timber Pest inspectors inspect the home and property for any evidence of timber pest activity that is current or has occurred previously. The structure and surrounding property are thoroughly inspected for termites, borers, wood rot and moisture. All physically accessible internal and external areas are inspected visually and tested for evidence of timber pests.

Our inspections include use of our Thermal Imaging Equipment and when a suspect area needs further non-invasive inspection, we have the Termatrac unit on board to pick up any pest movement within wall cavities or timbers.

Termites love timber and moisture and our inspection will report on any conducive areas that can be rectified to make the home and property less attractive for termites in the future.

Our Inspectors are always available to explain the report to you and provide any advice you need in regard to protecting the home from termites.

Payment is required before release of the report and for your convenience, this can be made by credit card over the phone.

Benefits of a Pre Sale Timber Pest Inspection for Sellers

When you are selling your property, it’s good to have peace of mind knowing that there will be no nasty surprises that could undermine you obtaining the best possible price for your property.

A prudent purchaser will always carry out a Pre Purchase Timer Pest Inspection prior to buying a house and a good Pest Inspector will give them an indication of any  past or present timber pest activity at the property to be purchased.

A thorough Pre Sale Timber Pest Inspection will highlight to the owner any existing problems with the home in regard to termites, borers, moisture problems or wood rot. These are the areas that a potential buyer of your property will be assessing in regard to what they may have to spend once they have bought your property.

Having a Pre Sale inspection gives you a chance to rectify any areas that need attention prior to placing the house “on the market” ensuring you get the maximum possible price for your home.

Benefits for a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection for Buyers

Buying a home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime, so it makes sense for you to employ the services of an experienced and accredited Timber Pest Inspector to see if the home you have fallen in love with really measures up financially.

A Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection is a thorough inspection and report on all pests of timber such as termites, borers and wood rot present in the home and on the property at the time of inspection.

This gives you a valuable insight into the condition of the property and can highlight any costly areas that may need to be addressed and rectified either before or after you purchase the home.

Our Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection includes use of the Thermal Imaging and Termatrac Equipment and a comprehensive report with photographs.

Pre Purchase Building Inspections

A Pre Purchase Building Inspection and report goes hand-in-hand with the Timber Pest Inspection.

A Building Inspection reports on how the home measures up structurally and functionally and indicates any areas that could potentially be unsafe or costly to repair.

We can arrange a Pre Purchase or Pre Sale inspection on your behalf with one of our recommended Building Inspection companies. We are usually able to organise both the Timber Pest Inspector and the Building Inspector to carry out their inspections at the same appointment time which minimises the impact on the seller.

The Building Inspection includes a comprehensive report with photographs.

A Discount for Combined Services

When you book your inspection with Drop Dead Pest Control, if you would like to order both the Timber Pest and Building Inspection and reports, we are pleased to offer you a discount on the combined services.

There are definite benefits of having two sets of professional eyes inspecting your potential purchase!

If you are thinking of selling or purchasing soon, please contact your local Drop Dead Pest Control Expert or our Head Office to discuss how we can provide peace of mind for your largest financial investment.


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